The development of an efficient business strategy and working digital business tool for a very specific product is one of our beloved challenges!

Project details


  • Partner: Elekom
  • Project name: https://elekom.ru/
  • Field: Electrotechnical company
  • Serveces: Website Development, Content Marketing, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Dates: 2018 up to now


Elekom is an electrotechnical company and a complex supplier of electric equipment. Beginning from the year of cooperation(2018) we have tried to meet our customer's business needs by providing complex market analysis and researches, a study of top competitors success stories, detection of the most commercial keywords, development of both SEO and marketing optimized content, SEO friendly website development etc... We guess, our cooperation will last longer as we have great results - "Elekom" has become one of the leading companies among the competitors, not only online but also in the offline platform. The number of clients is growing day by day.